An easy way to improve the functionality of your home overall is to complete a basement development or even a basement renovation. While an undeveloped basement is great for storage, it could be put to better use by providing your family with more living space or adding features to your home that can increase its value.

Do You Need a Permit for Calgary Basement Development?

Yes, basement developments in Calgary all require building permits. The design of your basement will need to be approved by the City of Calgary before starting any of the development work involved with your basement project. During this process, the electrical, plumbing and heat planning of your basement is reviewed by the municipality to ensure basement projects are safe and following the Alberta building code. Once approved we can send in our basement builders and get started.

With Calgary basement renovations or home renovations in general, the need for a building permit can be avoided if the structural plan of your home remains unchanged. It is crucial to be careful when looking at renovation companies so that you have the comfort of knowing your project is safe and follows land use bylaw specifications. You could find yourself in the position of having to start over or change your design repeatedly if your project isn't properly planned or approved. This results in not only a delay on your home renovation project but can also pile up extra costs.

Not all renovation companies are created equal, our team at Enchant Management has accomplished a wide variety of home renovation projects over the last decade, all of which have passed home inspections. We make sure to emphasize clarity and transparency from our very first meeting and throughout the project, so we can make your vision a reality as efficiently as possible.

The Benefit of a Basement Development

Developing an unfinished basement immediately increases the value of your home. Building a suite, games room, home theatre or even a home gym does an amazing job at taking advantage of any underutilized space. Making use of every square foot in your home allows you to fully enjoy the space you have or could even be an opportunity for you to generate more income.

Life changes with work or family happen quickly and the unexpected need for more space is stressful. Depending on your lot size and land use bylaw specifications in place, extending the size of your home or building new additions may be restricted. Instead of adding even more pressure on you, by purchasing a new home and moving, your unused basement can effectively solve these problems and refresh your home at the same time.

The added hassle and immense cost of purchasing a new home and moving can be completed avoided with a basement development. Basement developments give you more freedom to increase the useable space of your home and add more bedrooms and bathrooms for your growing family or guests. There are infinite ways to make use of this unused space and our team of basement builders can help you get creative with ideas for your new basement.

Generating Income with a New Basement

Adding a legal secondary suite is an effective option for you to help offset the cost of your home or instantly add value to your property before selling. Our team can provide options and support you through the entire design process for adding a private entrance, a kitchenette and a bathroom required for a secondary suite. The addition of a private suite can also be used as an in-law suite for parents as they get older, providing them with a safe space of their own while keeping them close to your family.

Additional Bedrooms and Bathrooms

Your undeveloped basement is the perfect opportunity to add more bedrooms and bathrooms for your growing family or to host your guests. Although additional square footage in the basement isn't recognized on MLS, the extra bedrooms and bathrooms are a huge bonus for future buyers looking at your home. More bedrooms and bathrooms instantly increase the value of your home and make it more appealing for buyers in the future.

recreation and entertainment

Your basement development can provide more space for entertainment, a games room or even a home theatre. Features like gas fireplaces and wet bars give the ambiance and feel of a luxury entertainment space for you and your friends. Maybe you want the full experience of going to the movies at home and avoid lines and overpriced snacks. Let us build you a comfortable home theatre fully equipped with all of the high-tech equipment you could ever need.

home office

Your basement is a great option for your home office if you own a small business or find yourself working from home often. Having a designated space for you to organize your work and focus can be as simple as a room for your desk and files in your basement. Many find that working from a home office not only saves them time (from commuting) and money (from leasing an office space) but also increases their productivity overall. Our team of basement builders can bring a standard office space or even your most detailed office ideas to life with your new basement.

home gym

Do you find it difficult to make time to exercise? Is the hardest part of working out actually getting to the gym? It can be difficult to find time for exercise and the cost of gym memberships continues to rise. Improve your lifestyle and take care of your health in one go, by adding a home gym to your basement. It can be as easy as designating space for essential gym equipment and adding a TV or we can take it to the next level by adding a sauna or a yoga studio. 

A finished basement with any of these options not only adds to how you enjoy your home but will pleasantly surprise buyers in the future.

basement renovations calgary

In the scenario where you already have a finished basement but are looking for something new or are preparing to sell your home, a basement renovation is a great option. Whether you need cosmetic upgrades with exterior doors and basement windows or you want to fully update your basement kitchen or bathroom, our team does it all when it comes to interior renovation and exterior renovations.

why renovate your basement?

Similar to basement developments, basement renovations increase the value of your home and are a great return on your investment. A basement renovation can include adding or removing walls, updating the existing kitchen or bathroom, replacing flooring and so much more. Making tweaks to your already finished basement is a cost-effective method to make your home modern and in a short period of time.

An added benefit of doing a basement renovation when you already have a finished basement is that in most scenarios you can avoid obtaining extra building permits. As long as you are maintaining the structural plan already in place, you can proceed with upgrading and completely renovating your basement. This helps to save homeowners time in their home renovation project but also some permit costs involved in the process. Be sure to check with our team when planning your renovation and making sure to follow the necessary building codes.

Building standards continue to evolve and are another reason to consider updating your home to make sure it remains safe and energy-efficient. At Enchant, we stay on top of all changes to building safety approval with not only your basement renovation but all home renovations. Our priority is producing top-notch work every time.

kitchen renovation

Kitchens are one of the most high-traffic areas of your home. Whether you are cooking and eating meals or entertaining guests, how it looks and functions is important. Your kitchen is also close to other popular living spaces in your home, highlighting the significance of how it looks. The quality and appearance of your kitchen are major components in the value and desirability of your home when it comes to resale.

Closed-off layouts, dated countertops or old cabinets can easily be replaced and improve the functionality of your kitchen. Adding in high-quality custom cabinetry or beautiful granite countertops are quick upgrades that make a huge difference. Collaborate with our team to make the best use out of your kitchen space with your basement renovation!

bathroom renovation

Bathrooms are one of the first areas of a home that indicates its age. The tiles and grout of your backsplash and flooring, the wear and tear of your plumbing fixtures and the configuration of your bathroom can quickly make your home appear out of date. Our focus is on the functionality of your home and staying ahead of trends and innovation in interior design. We take the guesswork and confusion out of what changes to make so that you can update your bathroom with confidence.

Bathrooms are typically smaller spaces, so it is of incredible importance to make the best use of them. When you work with Enchant Management, we pair you with a professional project manager that is in charge of reviewing every detail of your home renovation project. Our team takes time to advise and go over changes with you to make sure we are making the most out of your home renovation. Refreshing your bathroom during basement renovations can be for your family to use or can even increase the income you earn from a legal basement suite.

energy efficiency

Increasing the energy efficiency of your home can not only drastically reduce your utility bills but also contributes to protecting our environment. These qualities are not only desirable for you as the current homeowner enjoying your residence but also adds incentive for buyers in the future. Completing a full window replacement or adding a new roof are ways to better insulate your home and maintain the desired temperature.

Basements are cold by nature, making their energy efficiency a top priority. During your basement renovation, any windows or doors can be replaced to better seal the air within. This way you can enjoy your basement even in the coldest of winters.

our promise

We pay attention to every detail, not just the superficial aspects or minor cosmetic upgrades to your home renovation. An integral part of our mission is noticing things like a hot water tank that requires replacement or a homeowner who may benefit from the installation of egress windows, that are often overlooked until they become majorly problematic. Our thorough experience over the last decade allows us to think of impactful changes to get the most out of your home, that many homeowners are typically unaware of.

Why Choose Enchant Management for your Basement Development or Basement Renovation?

For the last decade, Enchant has done countless home renovations in Calgary, including various basement projects and basement renovations. We take pride in providing high-quality workmanship and making homeowners extremely happy with their basement development and basement renovations.

Taking on a basement development or basement renovation project is a huge task when it comes to getting a building permit, a development permit, following the building codes in Alberta and obtaining building safety approval. Our entire team has expertise in all types of home renovations, not just basement projects, and will not only take care of the entire process but walk you through it. We prefer keeping lines of communication open with you, so you remain comfortable throughout the project and we are all in the know of what the status of your basement renovation is.

Contrary to other renovation companies, we aren't concerned about what your basement's 'before' looks like and instead focus our energy on uplifting your living space and providing an exceptional finished product. Contact our team for any future renovation projects, big or small, and we'll be happy to help. We provide the tools and expertise necessary to upgrade your basement, make the best use of basement space, and bring your vision to life.

When it comes to quality basement renovation and construction, Enchant Management is ahead of the game. We make sure to do a top-notch job with all home renovations, including developed basements and basement renovations.

Our team of project managers and professional renovators is well versed in providing exactly what homeowners are looking for with future renovations and basement developments. We are expert basement builders with a history of providing high-quality new basements or updating existing basements.

our process

In our first meeting, we get an idea of the project scope, the initial vision you have for your own home, go over new ideas and provide a free estimate. From there we begin the design process and get planning approval according to bylaw specifications in place for your basement project. If you are unsure of how to best use your basement or are looking for new ideas, we can help you go over a variety of options for your basement development.  Once we have all the details for your Calgary basement development project we can forward to executing your vision.

When it comes to basement renovation, our team will help you pick the most impactful changes to make to update your existing basement. Using our team takes the weight of future projects off of your shoulders and ensures the best use of your Calgary home.

We assign a project manager who specializes in Calgary basement renovations and will review any restrictions that could arise with your basement development. We are well-established professional renovators and when it comes to Calgary basement renovations we are known for producing high-quality workmanship.

How much does it cost to develop a basement in Calgary?

The cost of developing your basement varies based on the scope of your project. If you are looking to equip your basement with the standard 1 bedroom, bathroom and finished living space costs start around $35,000 on average.

Depending on the quality of finishing materials you have selected and the design elements you want to implement, the cost of your basement project will increase accordingly. Adding components like wet bars, gas fireplaces and egress windows will take your basement development cost to the $50,000-$100,000 range. We have completed smaller basement projects and basement developments that have cost over $100,000. Basement renovation costs also have a large range depending on the scope of your project. Our priority is providing you with a quality basement within your budget, whatever it may be.

free estimates for renovations calgary

We provide you with a free quote so you can openly discuss the ideas you want to bring into your basement and we can provide you with an accurate estimate of costs. This way there is no pressure or commitment to starting your home renovation project and you can get more clarity with how much certain features cost.

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