Enchant Management is a well-established Calgary Home Renovations company with many years of experience. Bathrooms, kitchens, basements, interiors, exteriors and full home makeovers - we really do it all. We focus our efforts upon delivering final results of the greatest quality with exemplary workmanship. Our renovation standards are high which allows us to consistently exceed the expectations of our clients. 

Our expertise lies in taking any house and turning it into your dream home. When it comes to providing excellent service and custom home projects - we excel. Returning home after a long day should be something you look forward to and we take pride in creating spaces that reflect your specific wants and needs. 

Our customers are the driving force behind our continued passion over the many years of home renovations we have completed. Enchant employs and works in tandem with a team of highly professional expert contractors. We specialize in home renovation services including kitchen, basement, exterior and bathroom renovations as well as home additions. No matter your home alteration needs, Enchant is Calgary’s choice home renovation company. 

Home Renovations Calgary

Personal touches and shared memories are what transform your house into a home. Your home should be a reflection of who you are, your family and your lifestyle. Home renovations are completed for a multitude of reasons including improved utility, updating design elements, refining your interior design style and more. Your renovation plans can include adding a play den for your kids, upgrading your master ensuite or renovating a home office. Whatever your reason may be, Enchant is excited to make your dream a reality and assist you every step of the way.
Home renovations can feel like a huge undertaking, which makes sense because they are. Our team of experts makes home renovation stress-free and removes the burden of the home renovation process so you can focus on the fun stuff like collecting design ideas and picking finishes. We work through the entire home renovation process with you, from start to finish, so our customers can have peace of mind. Our professional designers work alongside customers to pick and choose design upgrades to add to your home. 

is your home too simple for your tastes?

Over the years we have noticed a lot of homes being built in Calgary, Alberta that are either lacking in style or are spec homes. We don’t blame you for wanting to add flavour to your home with finishes that reflect your personal tastes and functional design elements that are specific to your lifestyle. 

Renovations can quickly become pricey when poorly planned or details are missed. Contact us for a free consultation to avoid incurring any extra unplanned costs. Let's sit down and get all of your ideas on the table, discuss your budget and go over viable options for your home renovation project. We take pride in providing a full range of residential renovation services while maintaining a direct line of communication with our customers, keeping them happy and on the same page.

Your Calgary Home Renovation Experts

When you choose us as your Calgary home renovations company, you are choosing a professional team that is built on outstanding workmanship, incredible attention to detail and top-notch project management. With every project, we make sure to keep our clients extremely happy throughout the entire process.

Our company does a great job with every aspect of work done giving homeowners a stress-free renovation experience. It is important to us to build a relationship with you so we can understand your vision on a deep level. Sharing experiences and having this foundation with our customers, gives them peace of mind when trusting our company with their renovation project. 

We remain thorough throughout the entirety of your project so we can effectively assess and execute the work that needs to be done in your home. During our first meeting, we want you to tell us all of your ideas and dreams with your custom home renovation, so we can discuss how to make them a reality. Whether it’s your kitchen, bathroom, a full basement development, home addition or a complete home transformation, we want all the details.

contact us for your free estimate

Getting a clear estimate for your home renovation can be difficult, but with Enchant it definitely isn’t. We take the time to go over your ideas while providing professional and creative guidance to find solutions that fit your budget. The planning and consultation process is important to us because we use a clear scope of work from it to refine the associated costs with your project. We set up a renovation timeline and a detailed quote that we review together, in order to avoid any unexpected costs in the future.

site preparation

From here we prepare your home for construction by removing and disposing of unusable materials. Any walls or unwanted components of your space will also be removed at this stage of construction. These preparations are the foundation that allows for a smooth job and brings us one step closer to building your dream home.

executiong your custom renovations calgary

During this stage of your renovation, we recommend homeowners finalize finishing materials, colours, fixtures and any other selections that need to be made for your project. With a new kitchen or bathroom, for example, we need to know what tiles, lighting, plumbing fixtures and countertops you want to be installed. We provide our customers with a wide selection and variety of quality materials to use in their Calgary homes.
While selections are being made by you, our team of professionals is setting up the bones of your renovation project. We prepare your space by installing things like subflooring, building new walls or custom cabinets at this stage of the process.

transform your home

The process of renovation after preparing your home varies depending on what type of home renovations need to be completed. Our company has experience with a kitchen renovation, bathroom renovation, basement renovation, interior and exterior renovation. Our team of professionals has also completed renovations with smaller commercial projects in Calgary. We highly recommend getting in contact with our professional renovation team for all of your construction needs.

Transform your home with custom renovations tailored specifically to you. A complete home renovation can give you the same feeling as custom homes. The work done is solely based on what you and your family want, providing you with an end result that feels like a new home built just for you.

Homeowners that have worked with us with previous renovations have expressed that they would not hesitate from working with our company again in the future. We continue to be the top choice of renovation companies in Calgary.

kitchen renovation

If you have small cosmetic changes you want to make to your current kitchen or you are looking to do a full kitchen renovation, we are equipped to make your vision a reality. We specialize in building quality custom cabinets with impeccable workmanship and our suppliers have endless options for any stone or tile you may want to use in your new kitchen.

We definitely recommend working with our professional kitchen renovations team that pays special attention to detail and imagining creative design ideas. A kitchen renovation is a perfect opportunity to elevate the interior design of your Calgary home and make the absolute most out of your kitchen space.

Browse our website for more information specific to each type of renovation project in Calgary. Do you have more questions? Give us a call or send us a message and our team will be happy to help.

bathroom renovation

Your bathroom is one of the highest traffic rooms in your home, making bathroom renovations a popular choice. Its importance is emphasized by its daily use by you, your family and its frequent use by guests. Whether you are updating your bathroom for your own enjoyment, need to replace leaky plumbing fixtures or are looking to completely renovate your bathroom - we would highly recommend contacting our team for the job. 

When it comes to making changes to transform your bathroom, our professional bathroom contractors are masters at elevating any space. Your bathroom renovation doesn’t have to be a lengthy process or a financial burden. Whether your project includes making simple changes like new paint or something more complex like adding plumbing services, our team is with you every step of the way.

From start to finish we provide amazing service to our clients and want to make sure you are extremely happy with your new bathroom. Contact our team to get an accurate (and complimentary) quote for your Calgary bathroom renovation project.

basement renovation

An easy way to help achieve your dream home is to complete a basement development or even a basement renovation. Building a suite, room for your kids to play in, home theatre or even a home gym does an amazing job at taking advantage of any underutilized space. Basement projects allow you to make use of every square foot of your Calgary home.

A basement renovation can include adding or removing walls, updating the existing kitchenette or bathroom, replacing flooring and so much more. Making tweaks to your already finished basement is a great way to transform your home while remaining on budget. Basement projects are common with home renovations and allow us to renovate an underutilized space. We would highly recommend getting in touch with our contractors for all of your custom renovations to ensure a quality job is being done.

The added hassle and immense cost of purchasing a new home and moving can be completely avoided with a basement development. Basement developments and renovations give you more freedom to increase the usable space of your home and add more bedrooms and bathrooms for your growing family or guests. There are infinite ways to make use of this unused space and our team of basement builders can help you get creative with ideas for your new basement.

new builds calgary, ab

Are you building a new home? Enchant Management functions as a full-service contractor that can finish the interior or exterior of your new build. From installing flooring to building out bathrooms and kitchens or fitting windows, our team of professionals has got you covered. We provide quality services for custom homes and clients with any budget! Contact us by phone or email to get started on your custom home today.

commercial renovations calgary

We don't limit ourselves to home renovations in Calgary. Our contractors have experience with commercial renovations including office spaces and any small commercial project. We continue to be a budget-friendly option for businesses and property owners alike. Contact us by phone to get started on your commercial renovations.

Why Use Enchant Management for Your Calgary Home Renovations?

What differentiates Enchant Management from our competitors is that we go above and beyond just providing a group of qualified professionals to finish your renovation. Our group of professional contractors give a whole new meaning to quality workmanship and provide cutting-edge solutions for all of our clients' concerns.  We service all of Calgary, Alberta and receive amazing reviews from our clients.

Enchant Management for Your Home Renovations Calgary

Our mission in providing elite renovation services is why we remain ahead of trends and the latest innovations in home construction. We want your home to be a reflection of the future instead of becoming quickly dated.

We are heavily involved in every single step of your renovation. Unlike other home renovation companies, we do more than labour and construction. There are a number of renovation companies for hire in Calgary, that can complete your project. But not every reno contractor spends hours planning and elevating your interior design.

customer satisfaction is our guarantee

Our customers are our top priority at all times. We maintain clear and time-sensitive communication to all of our customers in order to alleviate the added stress of construction in your home. We only work with leading industry professionals and are consistently increasing our knowledge in the industry.

Enchant helps customers with design, project management, thorough planning and execution. Our group at Enchant recognizes that each customer is unique and has different goals with their house. We understand the effort, planning and time that goes into every job. We prioritize your style, expectations and making the most out of your Calgary living space.

we value the end result

With other companies, we often see an emphasis on the before or the starting point of a job. At Enchant Management we prefer focusing the entirety of our attention and efforts towards the final result of your home. That is what our customers are going to live with, in the foreseeable future and is ultimately what matters most.

We build spaces that will sweep you off your feet. Even the smallest of renovations can be costly, so it's important for the final product to reflect that. We take pride in giving homeowners an end result that they are proud of and will enjoy for many years to come.

we'll visit you

That's right, to make this process even easier, our team will come to your home for a free estimate! Not only is this convenient for homeowners, but it also gives us a chance to properly assess what we are working with. Having our team on-site will let us discuss your options and make suggestions that are specific to your space.

During our visit to your home, we will also discuss a timeline and your target start date. Contact our team by phone or email and we'll schedule a visit to your home right away!


Home renovations can feel daunting to our clients and we completely understand feeling overwhelmed with questions about your project. Below are some questions that are commonly asked by our clients regarding their future renovations.

The average range for home renovations in Calgary, AB is between $75,000 and $150,000. Your project can include various components and many different quality materials to transform your home. Renovations will depend on the starting point of your house, what your family may need and the number of changes being made.

Your renovations can include a plethora of ideas like making additions to your house or renewing existing features to create a more modern feel. The cost to transform your house doesn't have to be within that average range either. Having a thoroughly mapped-out plan in place will allow us to make the most of your budget for your Calgary house renovations.

With Enchant, remaining within your budget never means sacrificing the quality of your end result. Our clients continue to trust us in providing an epic final result that they enjoy for many years to come.

The total cost of your kitchen renovation is dependent on several factors that are specific to your house. The previous elements of your kitchen factor into how much work needs to be done with your reno project. Trying to find an accurate idea of costs via the internet or a search engine has probably shown you a huge range of estimates.

A kitchen renovation in Calgary, AB can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000 as the scope of your project increases. It can easily exceed that range as the quality of materials selected increases. The more you are doing to completely renovate your kitchen the more and more it will cost.

Kitchen remodels can quickly become expensive which is why our team specializes in finding ways to refurbish and renew for our homeowners who are more budget-conscious. There are minor changes and upgrades that can be made to transform your kitchen space for under $10,000 as well. It truly depends on how much work is being done and the starting point of your kitchen.

Building permits, structural changes, the addition of more plumbing lines or electrical services are unseen factors that absolutely contribute to the cost of your renovations. Inspections from the City of Calgary are required with all major home renovation projects, especially with older houses.

Enchant Management is more than happy to not only handle these extra steps that are often overlooked by homeowners but also go over the associated costs during our free consultation. Get free estimates from our team for all home renovations in Calgary!

If you have more questions outside of the ones listed above, be sure to get in touch with our quality home renovation company. Our contractors are happy to resolve any concerns you may have regarding your next project.

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Our expertise lies in taking any house and turning it into your dream home. When it comes to providing excellent service and custom home projects.

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