Are you thinking of renovating your Calgary kitchen? Contact our team for a free comprehensive consultation, where we can go over design ideas and budget for your project. 

Your first meeting with Enchant is the perfect opportunity to get all of your ideas on the table and for our professional team to assess your home. By getting a clear picture of the starting point of your home renovation project, we can accurately discuss design possibilities and their associated costs. We want our customers to feel comfortable talking about their ideas, contemplating their home renovation project and remaining in their budget which is why we provide free estimates.

Everything You Need to Know About Kitchen Renovations Calgary

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s the place where you share moments with your family, friends and loved ones. Whether you are entertaining guests, celebrating milestones or sharing daily meals your kitchen space is the focal point. The function of your kitchen is an obvious priority but its design is no less important. Whatever changes you are looking to make to your kitchen, Enchant Management is your choice home renovation contractor. 

Every construction or home renovation project is unique, whether you are completing a kitchen renovation or a completely custom project. Kitchen and bathroom renovations are typically the most complex and labour intensive job that clients hire us for. Your kitchen and bathroom are also the areas of your house that are most commonly used by you, your family and guests. The plumbing fixtures, number of services required in your kitchen and bathroom and the hours of labour involved are what make these bigger renovations.

Things to Consider when Renovating your Kitchen

Whether you have already decided to complete a kitchen renovation or are deliberating the decision, there are many things to consider. Before starting your kitchen renovation project it is helpful to consider the following questions:

          What is in need of repair?
          Is there underutilized space in your kitchen?
          Does the current layout make sense for your lifestyle and your family?
          What appliances or features would you like to add?
          Does your kitchen match the interiors of the rest of your home? 
          Do you cook a lot?
          Does your current kitchen counter space accommodate how much you cook?
          Do you entertain or host guests frequently?
          Do you need more storage space?
          Would you benefit from a larger hood fan?
          Is your kitchen dark?
          What elements of your kitchen are aging or outdated?

The list goes on when it comes to things you should consider before and during your kitchen renovations. In Calgary, Alberta Enchant Management is recognized as a team of pro contractors that have completed exceptional reno services over the years. Our team of experts at Enchant take away the hassle of making sure you have considered everything before finalizing your renovation plans. We take pride in removing the burden of being meticulous with the design process off of the shoulders of our customers. 

If you have minor changes you want to make to your current kitchen or you are looking to do a complete overhaul, we are equipped to make your vision a reality. We specialize in building custom cabinets with impeccable workmanship and we have suppliers for any stone or tile you may want to use in your kitchen. Our kitchen renovations team has an eye for developing practical solutions and imagining creative design ideas, to make the absolute most out of your kitchen space.

kitchen remodels calgary

There are many reasons why homeowners opt for completely remodelling their kitchens. You may be preparing to resell your home or the current configuration of your kitchen might be taking away from the enjoyment of your home. A brand new kitchen can transform your home and living experience and dramatically increase its value.
Adding or removing structural elements to increase the utility of your kitchen, adding a window to make your kitchen brighter or gutting your cabinets to make room for innovative storage solutions take your kitchen project from a renovation to a remodelling process. With Enchant you are in luck, our experience with kitchen renovations and kitchen remodelling is extensive. 

Similar to your bathroom, your Calgary kitchen is a high traffic area in your home. Building custom cabinets or a completely custom kitchen with our professional team will guarantee a boost in your home's value.

We take care of pulling necessary building permits, giving our customers access to the best sub-contractors in Calgary and completing your kitchen remodel on time.

common kitchen upgrades

There are infinite options for homeowners to choose from that will instantly update your kitchen. Our team has experience making the smallest of changes to executing complete kitchen overhauls. 

Here are some common upgrades our customers have asked for with their kitchen renovations:

          Removing walls for an open concept kitchen
          Custom built kitchen cabinets
          New Countertops
          Adding an island or bar
          Replacement of backsplash
          Custom built hood fan cover
          Commercial hood fan and appliances
          Instant hot water taps
          Concealed appliances (i.e. covering a fridge or dishwasher door with matching kitchen cabinets)
          Installing shelf lifts for heavy appliances (i.e. food processors, mixers)
          New wall paint
          Adding windows to bring more light in
          Adding light fixtures
          Adding more electrical outlets to accommodate counter top appliances
          Switching to wall ovens and microwaves
          Adding a warming drawer

The changes and upgrades we can make to your kitchen are endless. Kitchen design and innovations continue to progress, increasing your cooking experience or the function of your kitchen as a whole. 

We highly recommend discussing any concerns or drawbacks to your current kitchen, so our team can best advise changes to make that will provide you with the most impact. From start to finish, our professionals focus on the details of your project and exceeding your expectations.

our process with renovations calgary

Our thorough planning process removes the potential of missing important details with your kitchen and the potential of regrets later on in the renovation process. With kitchen and bath renovations especially, there are several details that can easily be overlooked by less experienced renovators.

Our company has years of experience with more than Calgary kitchen renovations. We are known for producing award winning home and office renovations. We are a dependable home renovation company that delivers a high quality final result, every single time.

calgary kitchen design trends

We live and breathe Calgary home renovations. This not only keeps us in the know of what is popular with kitchen design styles but ahead of the trends. Our team can come up with a myriad of solutions for your kitchen remodel project that suit both your personal tastes and what is trending in Calgary. Our designers are thoughtful and imaginative when analyzing previous interiors and developing the new design of your home.

Designing a kitchen that fits the rest of the interior of your home while implementing upgrades that match modern design standards locally is an art that we have mastered. Our professional designers do a great job from start to finish with every customer. Collaborate with our team to build the kitchen of your dreams, that stands the test of time.

custom cabinetry clagary, ab

Much of the interior of your kitchen space is composed of cabinetry, so why not make them custom? The details and style of your cabinets completely determine how your kitchen and bathroom feels.

From the colour and finish, to the door and handle profiles, the details of your cabinets play into the interior design of your house. Upgrading to custom cabinetry will instantly transform the interiors of any room. We highly recommend considering custom cabinetry to give you the best kitchen. Our company elevates every project with teh use of professional designers and exceptional workmanship.

Why Kitchen Renovations are a Worthy Investment

Did you know that kitchen renovations are one of the few types of renovation projects where you are likely to see more than a 100% return on your investment? The kitchen is an area of your home that future homebuyers pay the most attention to when making a purchase. A closed off gallery kitchen could deter buyers from purchasing your home or making an offer that is reflective of your home’s true value. 

Kitchen and bath renovations are the most recommended home renovation projects by realtors to increase the value of your home. When future homebuyers are looking at your house they will not only appreciate a beautiful kitchen but are also willing to pay for it. Purchasing a home that requires less work afterwards is very desirable to future buyers. Working with Enchant will help you make sure you are getting what your home is worth when it sells. 

Maybe you are dreaming of more counter space, more storage, built in garbage disposal or a custom built breakfast nook. Adding these features to your home and kitchen also increases its value for you as a homeowner. Enchant Management is here to help you transform your kitchen and reveal your dream kitchen. 

A good kitchen renovation is a worthy and safe investment, especially with Enchant Management. Our clients benefit from the number of hours we spend crafting your custom design and the impeccable service we provide with all home renovations. We are well known for providing high quality kitchen renovations in Calgary, AB. Contact our group of designers today to get started on your renovations!

Frequently Asked Kitchen Renovation Questions?

Kitchen renovations can be major home renovation projects and there is a lot to consider. Here are the answers to common kitchen renovation questions we have received from our customers. 

How much does it cost to renovate a kitchen in Calgary, Alberta?

The total cost of your kitchen renovation is dependent on several factors that are specific to your project. The previous elements of your kitchen factor into how much work needs to be done with your reno. Trying to find an accurate idea of costs via the internet or a search engine has probably shown you a huge range of estimates. We offer a completely free consultation with no commitment to all of our customers for this very reason. 

To answer your question, your kitchen renovation can cost anywhere from $10,000 to higher than $50,000 as the scope of your project increases. The more you are doing to completely renovate your kitchen the more and more it will cost. Kitchen remodels can quickly become expensive which is why our team specializes in finding ways to refurbish and renew for our homeowners who are more budget conscious. There are minor changes and upgrades that can be made to transform your kitchen space for under $10,000 as well. It truly depends on how much work is being done and the starting point of your kitchen.

Factors that Determine the Cost of Your New Kitchen

The size of your kitchen, the addition of counters or kitchen cabinets, the finishing materials you select and so many more design elements all help to determine the cost of your kitchen renovation. It can be stressful picking the right kitchen renovation contractor that will give you an accurate and cost effective quote, while also remaining in that predetermined budget for the entirety of your project.

We spend hours planning your complete renovation in order to provide you with the best kitchen. Our company clearly communicates with our customers and does extensive planning prior to starting, in order to completely avoid incurring extra costs and maintain the decided budget. We recommend ways to get the best value for your money out of big and small changes to your kitchen.

Can you remodel a kitchen for $5000?

If you are willing to do a lot of DIY projects it can be possible to remodel a kitchen for $5000. Sticking to your budget with your Calgary kitchen is a must but completing a total kitchen remodel with $5000 involves some sacrifices. You will not be able to have high quality custom cabinetry, the warranty that comes along with hiring a professional contractor or industry pricing for material upgrades at that price point. 

The total cost of your kitchen remodel depends on what services you’re willing to do yourself, where you’re willing to compromise and the amount of work that needs to be done. Working with the professionals at Enchant not only takes the labour of your renovation off your hands but provides you with high quality workmanship that includes warranty. We work with any budget, big or small, to give you the most bang for your buck. If you're going to be spending money on renovations anyway, allow our company to make sure you are getting the best kitchen possible.

You don’t have to skip out on using professional contractors when you work with a company like Enchant Management. We make sure our pricing is fair and accessible for homeowners with any budget. Contact our team to get an exact quote, and for free! Our professional designers do a great job at implementing budget friendly changes to give you the best kitchen.

How much should a 10x10 kitchen remodel cost?

In many Calgary homes, 10x10 kitchens are a common size. Remodeling a kitchen of this size can cost anywhere from $15,0000 to $30,000 depending on materials, plumbing, appliances and fixtures. With renovations in general, we would highly recommend getting in contact with our designers and discussing what you would like completed. Each house is unique and our designers analyze the previous layout in place, before we provide you with an accurate quote. This allows us to clearly assess your interiors and look at the job that needs to be completed.

Why Choose Enchant Management for your Calgary Kitchen Renovations?

Our priorities are a high quality end result and extremely satisfied customers. There are a number of kitchen contractors and renovation companies for hire in Calgary, AB that can complete your project. But not every reno contractor spends hours planning projects and elevating your interior design.

What differentiates Enchant Management from our competitors is that we go above and beyond just providing a group of qualified professionals to finish your renovation. Our group of professional contractors give a whole new meaning to quality workmanship and provide cutting edge solutions for all of our clients' concerns.  We service all of Calgary, Alberta and receive amazing reviews from our clients.

We are heavily involved in every single step of your kitchen and bathroom renovation. Unlike other home renovation companies, we do more than labour and construction. Enchant helps customers with design, project management, thorough planning and execution. Our group at Enchant recognizes that each customer is unique and has different goals with their house. We prioritize your style, expectations and making the most out of your living space.

Our team understands the effort, planning and time that goes into every home renovation. We maintain clear and time sensitive communication to all of our customers in order to alleviate the added stress of construction in your home. We only work with leading industry professionals and are consistently increasing our knowledge in the industry. 

Our professional designer has helped us with various custom kitchen projects. We would highly recommend using our team of professionals and contractors to build your dream kitchen. Whether you are in the market of selling your house or are looking to improve your home for your family, we do a wonderful job with every project.

Our mission in providing elite home renovation services is why we remain ahead of trends and the latest innovations in home construction. We want your home to be a reflection of the future instead of becoming quickly dated. At Enchant, we care about the longevity of your kitchen renovation or kitchen remodel.

When you hire our services at Enchant you are utilizing a renovations company that has completed a large portfolio of bathroom and kitchen renovations. You can contact our company by phone or email to get started on your next renovations project.

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Are you thinking of renovating your Calgary kitchen? Contact our team for a free comprehensive consultation, where we can go over design ideas and budget for your project

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