Our company offers professional services for the exterior of your home and has thorough experience with Calgary window projects. We make note of the latest innovations in windows and door products so you don't have to. Updating windows can instantly give the exterior of your home a complete makeover and drastically improve its curb appeal.

If you're adding new windows/doors or are in need of replacing your existing ones, we offer many efficient options and quality installation. Starting with a free quote, we guarantee quality products, excellent service and customer satisfaction throughout the entire process.

Canadian climates are known to change rapidly and unexpectedly, especially here in Calgary, AB. The dramatic ups and downs in Calgary weather cause above-average wear and tear to the exterior of your home. Whether you are looking for window replacement or replacing exterior doors, we have you covered

Common reasons for window and door replacement

Replacing doors and getting new windows in your home provides you with many benefits. Here are a few examples of why homeowners decide to:


Old windows and doors are often thin when compared to the quality standards of today and the weather stripping deteriorates over time. The hardware of your windows and doors may no longer work properly, and you will notice they are difficult to open and close.  If this sounds familiar, it is absolutely time for an upgrade.

New windows and doors not only resolve these issues but also provide your home with more safety and security. Window and door replacement is a great way to prevent future water damage and to avoid huge repair costs throughout your home.

Energy and efficiency

If your windows and doors are poorly sealed they are definitely contributing to an increase in your energy bills each month. You will also find it incredibly difficult to keep your house warm in the winters or cool in the summers.
Windows and doors are the openings of your home and need proper insulation. If they are poorly insulated they will leak air both in and out of your home. Single pane glass is thin and not the most effective in protecting your home against the elements. Energy-efficient windows and doors not only give you energy savings but also contributes to reducing the carbon footprint of your home.


Dated windows and doors are dull and unattractive, which reflects on the impression of the exterior of your home. Maybe you have changed design styles or it's time to give the outside of your home a makeover.

When it comes to the curb appeal of your home, you should love what you see and feel pride in your home. Giving the exterior of your home a makeover is also a huge factor in enticing potential buyers in the future. From your front door to the windows looking into your home, our company and supplier only install the best hardware.

bring in more light

Installing new windows and doors dramatically transforms the appearance of your home. Adding new, more or bigger windows also increases the natural light that comes into your home. Matching the exterior of your home with the work you've already done to improve its interior, effectively prepares your home for resale or brings it up to par for your own personal style.

There are more reasons as to why you may be considering new windows and doors. No matter what the cause may be, our company has a solution.

custom windows made for you

Our business specializes in offering a large selection of windows paired with a quality installation. We pay attention to what you’re looking for in order to best recommend window options that best suit your home and aesthetic. We make it our business to understand our customers in Calgary and supply quality windows that make sense.

When it comes to windows, doors and the exterior of your house, we understand it is a juggling act between your style and the standard of your neighbourhood. We are beyond familiar with what is trending in Alberta with regard to window design and will help you add to the appeal of your Calgary neighbourhood.

From residential to office window replacement, we deliver innovative products that fit the requirements of your building. Because our window products are made in Canada, they are suitable for any house in Calgary, Alberta.

Our company provides you with access to custom windows and door options with a variety of styles, colours and features. Our professional service highlights our client’s needs and our supplier offers numerous solutions. 

contact us

You can contact our company to provide you with a precise estimate for your Calgary project. Our company prioritizes being cost-efficient and providing the best service with windows/doors with less money.


Our object in the construction of the state is the greatest happiness of the whole, and not that of any one class.

The category of the windows being used, the type of replacement or repair and the addition of more windows all factor into the total cost of window installation with Enchant Management.

We consider where you are located in Calgary to further determine what window type would be best. Our company prioritizes being cost-efficient and providing the best service with windows/doors with less money.

Calgary windows also need to be able to withstand rapid changes in climate, extreme weather and a lot of wind. The scope of your project and the many features available for windows create a large variation in window installation costs.

The number of panes a window has indicates how many sheets of glass it utilizes. Between the layers of glass is argon gas to enhance the thermal performance of the window.

Double-pane windows have two sheets of glass,  whereas triple-pane windows have three. Traditionally, the more panes of glass a window has the higher its quality with regards to energy savings, insulation and noise reduction. 

Windows with more sheets of glass may provide high insulation from weather and noise but also cost a lot more money. Speak to one of our installers today to go over what type of windows would best suit your house and needs.

Enchant Management is a premium window and door provider of doors and windows in Calgary, AB. Our company specializes in giving our customers impeccable service with innovative window and door solutions. From the initial stages of planning to the very end of your install, our priority is great customer service and quality workmanship.

Our team of installers not only provides professional service but will also find solutions tailored to your specific window needs. We provide quality crafted windows and door products with professional installation services. The location of your home in Calgary will factor into what type of window you should consider. We want to make sure you are getting the best value for your money.

Our professional supplier specializes in Calgary windows and doors, which means they understand the climate and the immense need for durable solutions in Alberta.

We supply infinite window options of great quality that you can browse through for your house or even your office. They also have a broad selection of doors, allowing you to find the perfect option for your Calgary home. That's right, with our many years of experience we really know our stuff! We are fully equipped to complete both residential and commercial projects.

Unlike other window installation companies in Calgary, we maintain communication and rapport with our customers. Customer service is important to us and by implementing an industry-leading warranty, you can put any concerns with the longevity of your windows and doors to rest.

Our company completes projects on time, takes pride in doing a great job and makes sure no money spent on doors and windows goes to waste. If anything goes wrong with your windows in the future or tweaks need to be made, we are always available to service all windows/doors.

Feel free to reach out to our team by phone or through our website for your window/door project and take advantage of the free estimate we offer. Our company welcomes your curiosity and any questions you may have regarding Calgary window replacement, doors and installation.

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