There is no shortage of renovation companies in Calgary, Alberta for homeowners to choose from. Home improvement and remodeling is an industry that has continued to grow over the years and so has the number of renovation companies in the Calgary area.

Many homeowners are opting to upgrade their current residence before moving or to avoid purchasing a new home altogether. This has created a higher demand for general contractors that can complete your home renovation. We highly recommend you contact our team for any renovation services or future projects.

It can be challenging for homeowners to choose a renovation company from a large number of options out there. A few things to consider before deciding on your renovations general contractor include the size of your project, the extent of work being done and if the company for hire has a portfolio that demonstrates their abilities to handle the scope of work you’re considering.

Interior and Exterior Renovations Calgary

Our company does a top-notch job at renovations for the interior and exterior of your Calgary home. From total basement development, restoring interior design elements within your home to giving your exterior a complete transformation - Enchant Management is your top choice.

We provide you with all of the renovation services necessary for your home improvement project and creating your dream home. Complete home renovation projects are our specialty, we don't want to leave a stone unturned when it comes to the details of your home.

Interior work

The interior design of your home is composed of your kitchen, dining room, living area, bedrooms, bathrooms, basement and den or office space. These interior living spaces may need to be upgraded to match the modern standard of interior design or completely remodelled to give your home the feeling of being brand new.

Our professional interior designers take pride in their work by developing creative renovation schemes that reflect our clients. There are no cookie-cutter renovation ideas when you work with our team at Enchant. Instead, you receive custom-tailored services unique to every renovation project.

Our project managers have ample experience completing kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations, improvements of the main floor of your home, basement renovation projects and more. Enchant Management employs a professional team for the process of renovating your house.

exterior work

Common exterior renovations include:

          Window Replacement or adding more windows
          Home extensions
          Door additions or replacement
          New Roof
          Stucco or Siding Replacement

The exterior of your home serves as its first impression on you, your family, your neighbourhood, guests and future buyers. We would highly recommend completing exterior renovations of the highest quality as they will directly play into the curb appeal of your home.

Exterior work can help to improve the energy efficiency of your home, bring in more natural light or increase its aesthetics. Whatever your motivation behind your exterior renovation may be, the investment is worthwhile for you and future homebuyers. Curb appeal is a huge factor in determining the attraction of potential buyers to your home and plays into its value.

We give our clients peace of mind by only using quality materials and giving our utmost attention to detail with their projects. Our company is a group of professionals capable of handling all home renovations, inside and out. Contact our team today by phone or email and we'll get started on creating your new home.

5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Renovation Company

Renovating your home can quickly become an overwhelming process with unexpected bumps along the way. Hiring the right professional home renovation company can make renovating your home an exciting and positive experience instead.

Your home is likely the biggest purchase and investment you will make in your lifetime, any work done to your house should be of the highest quality. Protect your investment by working with experienced general contractors for your home renovation, who have access to the best in the industry and the training to uplift your home.

It’s a good idea to talk to a general contractor as early on in the project as possible. This will help you understand the scope of your project, identify a reasonable budget and determine the timeline of your construction. A good general contractor will discuss the entire process and what to expect over the course of construction with their customer. Here are 5 other important factors to consider:

1. Project Management Calgary, AB

With any renovation project, there will be several processes involved and often simultaneously. Planning in advance and managing your renovation at every step is time-intensive and requires a developed understanding of construction as a whole.

Hiring a professional renovation company gives you access to project managers who excel at planning and executing quality work. It also gives you peace of mind knowing that the entire process will be streamlined by experienced professionals without any costly errors.

Our company has a team of experienced project managers who do a great job at giving our customers a stress-free home improvement experience. They are experts at determining and following timelines, managing tradespeople and producing a quality of work we are proud of.

2. technical experience

DIY projects sound fun and do-able at first, but frequently become tedious and don't end up looking how you expected. If you're not careful, your attempt to find ways to save with your renovation could end up costing you more later.

It's better to hire a general contractor prior to starting any project to avoid increasing their workload and any associated costs. Allowing a team of professionals with technical experience in construction allows you to have a stress-free home renovation experience.

With that being said, you can't hire just any contractors in Calgary. You should qualify the renovation company you are considering by verifying that the work they have completed previously, matches your expectations with your home.

For example, if you are extending a room in your home or doing a major addition, you will want to hire a renovation company that has experience framing and installing subflooring in Calgary. General contractors who specialize in kitchen renovations wouldn't be the best choice for that kind of project.

3. Calgary, Alberta Permits and Safety

Every municipality has a standard of construction that is determined by building codes that must be followed by general contractors. Calgary is no exception to this and hiring a professional renovation company that provides services in the area, allows you to take advantage of their understanding of Calgary construction. 

The need to follow building codes and ensure your home remains safe based on the standards determined by the City of Calgary applies to every type of construction project. Permits and inspections are required If your renovation includes adding or changing electrical, plumbing and heat services. Making changes to your home structurally, by adding or removing walls, building new rooms and bathrooms or home additions will also require approval from the City of Calgary.

Applying for Permits with the City of Calgary

Completing a basement development or home addition project involves a slew of permits including a development permit, building permit, electrical permit, plumbing permit and heat permit. Your chosen renovation company should have experience acquiring all of these permits and passing their respective home inspections. If a renovation company is lacking in this type of experience, homeowners incur the costs of re-inspections or fines for incomplete permits.

What may seem like a simple change or addition on the surface, can easily end up becoming a whole process requiring multiple permits and home inspections. Our company is with you at every step of the process. We will handle these stressful components of your construction and renovation project so you can focus on the more enjoyable aspects of creating your dream home.

Qualifying General Contractors in Calgary, Alberta

Is your general contractor reputable when it comes to building safety and best construction practices? Do they have enough experience to demonstrate their familiarity with necessary permits and local building codes? Answering yes to these questions means that you have a professional renovation company that you can actually trust with your home. Building codes are important to follow when keeping you and your family safe but are also necessary for the future where homebuyers may ask for verification that renovations were done to code.

4. Trade and Industry Connections in Calgary, Alberta

Experienced general contractors bring their industry relationships with tradespeople and suppliers with them. The renovation company you choose should have a strong and large network of experts to work with on your home renovation project. When contractors have these trade connections they give their clients access to industry discounts with work done and materials selected. 

Working with a professional renovation company also takes the guesswork out of whether or not trades are reliable. The project at hand is your personal home, feeling safe and secure with trades entering your home is important. Having a strong foundation of trust with your renovation company extends to the contractors they collaborate with and bring into your house.

Hire an Experienced Renovation Company for your Calgary Home

The more experience a renovation company has, the more likely they will also have relationships with members of the City of Calgary building and planning department. While it isn’t necessary to have relationships with building inspectors to get permit approval or pass inspection, it can be helpful in saving time. Having contacts that work at your municipality can expedite the process of obtaining permits or give insight into exactly what needs to be completed before a job is approved. This also gives you a direct line of contact by phone or email, so clients don't have to wait days for a response.

Is the renovation company in touch with the very best vendors Calgary has to offer? Do they know suppliers for a wide variety of materials with differing levels of quality? A huge portion of your costs is allocated towards finishing materials. When your renovation company already has an established relationship with the necessary suppliers, you are more likely to save on money and time.

5. Insurance, Warranties and Contracts

Hiring a professional renovation company provides adequate liability insurance for work being done in your home. Independent contractors aren’t required to have this type of insurance in place which can result in the coverage falling on your shoulders. An experienced renovation company pays attention to the required coverage and insurance that homeowners can benefit from during the course of construction. 

Respected contractors have a high standard of safety practices and take the time to educate their team on workplace safety. A renovation is stressful enough without the added risk of accidents happening in your house and worrying about who the liability will fall upon. These safety standards that a professional renovation company has, will also extend to the trades they hire for your projects.

Why Warranty Matters

Pick a renovation company that demonstrates their commitment to the industry with the many years of experience they have and the warranty they supply. Nothing is worse than having work completed with your project that deteriorates over time and with no recourse. Make sure the renovation company you commit to, is also committed to being around if there are any problems with workmanship or services.

The warranty provided by a renovation company protects the homeowner from having faulty work that becomes problematic after services are rendered or cause further problems with previous components of your home. A faulty plumbing line can begin to leak and cause expensive water damage to features of the home that were in place prior to your renovation project. Knowing that your renovation company utilizes an extensive warranty also reassures clients that costs to repair will be handled by the warranty provider.

It's not a bad idea for you to look up several renovation companies and the differences in warranty supplied and the providers. A reputable warranty provider will actually be able to handle the costs of unexpected damage to your house.

get it in writing

Professional contractors have thorough contracts in place with the customer, as well as their sub-trades. Even the smallest job should be in writing so that both parties involved have options for remediation if problems occur later on. Details included in contracts should include start and end dates of the project, description of the scope of work, the price agreed upon and the payment schedule. A professional and experienced renovation company will have their own contracts readily available that reflect contract standards in Calgary, Alberta.

Why Our Clients Choose Us

What differentiates Enchant Management from our competitors is that we go above and beyond just providing a group of qualified professionals to finish your renovation. Our group of professional contractors give a whole new meaning to quality workmanship and provide cutting-edge solutions for all of our clients' concerns.  We service all of Calgary, Alberta and receive amazing reviews from our clients.

Our extensive portfolio of renovations in Calgary, AB speaks for itself. The quality of our services and projects continues to be unmatched. Looking for high-quality workmanship with a custom home design or future home renovation? With Enchant Management, your search is over. From complete homes, remodelling, big custom projects to small details, we are at the top of the home renovation game in Calgary, AB. Enchant Management prioritizes customer satisfaction and quality workmanship with all of our projects.

Our Calgary Renovations Team

Our team is comprised of experienced project supervisors, exceptional contractors and interior designers that take pride in doing the best job possible. We treat every job as an opportunity to provide quality workmanship and strive for excellence. We anticipate the number of challenges and problems that can arise when working and respond with the necessary patience and problem-solving attitude every time.

We pair our front-end communication with expertise, dedication and integrity which provides customers with a number of benefits. The work needing to be done to the previous state of your house will be straightforward and without unexpected obstacles. You can get in contact with any member of our team by phone or throughout the renovation process, to resolve the number of questions and concerns that may arise.

Out of all of the general contractors in Calgary, AB we make sure to be extremely attentive with every job. We provide outstanding service and customer reviews highly recommend our company for any job in the future.

Customer Satisfaction is Our Guarantee

Our customers are our top priority at all times. We maintain clear and time-sensitive communication to all of our customers in order to alleviate the added stress of construction in your home. We only work with leading industry professionals and are consistently increasing our knowledge in the industry.

Enchant helps customers with design, project management, thorough planning and execution. Our group at Enchant recognizes that each customer is unique and has different goals with their house. We understand the effort, planning and time that goes into every job. We prioritize your style, expectations and making the most out of your Calgary living space.

We provide the expertise to tackle your basement development or major custom renovations. We handle the details of applying for necessary permits, scheduling inspections and maintaining the safety of your house.

Home Renovations in Calgary, AB

Over the years we have continued to be a top choice of renovation company in Calgary, Alberta. We service everywhere from deep SE Calgary to the far NW of Calgary. Our clients appreciate our attention to detail and continue to highly recommend our quality services. From small projects to building out completely custom homes, our company is prepared to complete elite renovations.

Our mission is providing quality renovation services is why we remain ahead of trends and the latest innovations in home construction. We want your house to be a reflection of the future instead of becoming quickly dated.

our promise

Our team is heavily involved in every single step of your renovation. Unlike other home renovation companies, we do more than labour and construction. There are a number of renovation companies for hire in Calgary, that can complete your project. But not every renovations company spends hours planning and elevating your interior design as our team does.

With every job, our service is protected by a warranty that we provide. Our company takes pride in embodying the characteristics of a professional contractor. We provide thorough information and access to our contracts, our liability insurance and our chose warranty program. There are a number of aspects of renovations that are protected and guaranteed with our warranty, contact our team to learn more!

Don’t Turn Your Home Renovation Project into a Money Pit

Enchant Management helps every customer make quality upgrades and changes to their home that are impactful. Small and big renovations are an investment and it is important to us that your money does not go to waste. Our company pays attention to the details and finds custom solutions for your renovations.

There are many general contractors out there who will look at your home renovation or basement development as a cash grab. Take your time when selecting the Calgary renovation company working on your custom home and renovation, in order to prevent excessive costs or changes that won't provide you with a return. Be wary of a renovation company that makes several recommendations out of your budget that doesn't align with what you're looking to accomplish with your house.

Meet With Our Renovations Team

We emphasize the importance of clearly identifying your goals with your home improvement projects in order to strategize our construction accordingly. If you're planning to sell your house, the best option could be kitchen renovations. If you need more space for your family we might focus our attention on work done in your basement. It really depends on what you are looking to get out of your renovation!

We would highly recommend sitting down with our team prior to beginning any construction or decision-making so we can plan the home renovation process with you. Contact our company for top-notch renovation services for your home.

Renovations Done with Excellence in Calgary, AB

Deciding to extend the previous layout, restore or renovate your space can overburden even the most skilled renovators. Making the choice to utilize Enchant Management and trusting us to bring your vision to life can make the decision to start a lot easier. Our customers continue to recommend this company because we understand these are big decisions that require a lot of thought. We prioritize your time and your budget, by providing a free consultation to discuss the possibility of a future reno. This no-commitment approach provides homeowners with the comfort and space to take whatever time necessary prior to making a decision.

Enchant treats your home as if it is our own and will only complete work we would be proud to live in. Your home is where you seek comfort, peace, safety and share countless memories with your loved ones. Our excellent craftsmanship and prominence in Calgary have been established by our goal to be the best. We have completed a wide variety of renovations in Calgary and would highly recommend you take a look at our previous projects to get a feel for our high standards.

Our strong business values and goals have allowed us to continue to propel our business forward even today. Enchant Management approaches every job with this same attitude we use to grow our business. Our many years of experience paired with our imaginative solutions for whatever you may be looking for allows us to provide award-winning service to Calgary, AB. Reborn Renovation team approaches every task, big or small, with the same attitude.  Enchant stands behind our guarantee of high-quality workmanship that stands the test of time.

At Enchant, we do our homework. Before bringing any products, materials or trades to our customers, we go to great lengths with quality control. We won't offer or suggest anything to you, that we wouldn't use in our own residences. This extends to the safety practices and adherence to building codes we expect from everyone we work with.

The structural longevity and architectural integrity of every project take precedence with every service we provide. Regardless of the size of the job, our values and approach to our work apply. Enchant offers various design ideas and a number of options to our clients so they can choose exactly what fits their needs.

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Find builder and subs

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From total basement development, restoring interior design elements within your home to giving your exterior a complete transformation

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