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Your bathroom is one of the highest traffic rooms in your home. Its importance is emphasized by its daily use by you, your family and its frequent use by guests. Bathrooms, along with kitchens, are what buyers pay the highest attention to when you are selling your home. Whether you are updating your bathroom for your own enjoyment, need to replace leaky plumbing fixtures or are looking for a complete bathroom remodel - we definitely recommend contacting our team. 

As with any home renovation, hiring a renovation company that pays attention to every last detail in your bathroom renovation is important. There are many bathroom contractors in Calgary and it can be a challenge picking the right one that will produce quality workmanship. Our bathroom experts at Enchant, direct their focus and energy on producing our customers with final results beyond their expectations. We are a reliable contractor that prioritizes our customers throughout the entire process.

Contact our company today to take advantage of the free consultation we offer in providing an accurate estimate for your bathroom renovation or bathroom remodel.

Why Should You Do a Bathroom Renovation?

Bathroom renovations are a very popular choice of home renovation. Everyone that enters your home uses your bathroom, which is why it should be just as enjoyable as any other space. Our professional bathroom contractors are masters at transforming any room with simple changes like new fixtures or new paint. Your bathroom renovation doesn’t have to be a lengthy process or a financial burden.

From start to finish we provide amazing customer service and want to make sure you are extremely happy with your new bathroom. Contact our team to get an accurate (and complimentary) quote for your bathroom renovation project. 

yuor bathroom needs an update

Maybe function is prioritized over your taste in home design and you’re looking to bring your personal tastes into your bathroom. We too often see a house with a bulky, manufactured tub surround that detracts from the bathroom's design overall. When spending a little extra on the installation of a tile shower would have been far more pleasing to look at and added to the style of the home.

Bathroom styles change rapidly over time and even the simplest of changes can give it a modern feel. Dated plumbing fixtures can be discoloured or leaky, making a very poor impression on anyone that uses it. Perhaps you have completed a home renovation and need to upgrade your bathroom to match the rest of your home's interior.

Fixing faulty components like a cracked bath or a leaky faucet will help you save on utility bills monthly and also protect your home from future water damage. Don't wait for these small faults to become bigger problems down the road. Instead start the process of reviving your bathroom now.

Updating the existing layout of your bathroom with new tiles, countertops, fixtures or paint can dramatically change your bathroom. Bringing your bathroom up to the standard of your personal tastes is a worthy reason to complete a bathroom renovation. Whether you’re looking to make minor cosmetic changes or completely strip your bathroom, our team can do it all.

to improve your bathroom's utility

In the instance where the original layout and completion of your bathroom doesn’t make sense, renovating your bathroom can be life-changing. Aesthetics are undeniably important but a bathroom with poorly utilized space adds unnecessary discomfort to your home. 

Removing a component like a bathtub that may be taking up too much space and is generally underused, is such a simple change that immediately opens up your bathroom. Maybe you miss the luxury of taking a bath and need to find a way to fit to incorporate a tub into your bathroom. Whatever the project may be, you can trust our renovation team to find custom solutions for you.

We are not strangers to bizarre choices of the tub or toilet placement, poorly directed cabinet doors or there being no storage whatsoever. It’s safe to say that over our many years of experience in home renovations, we have seen it all. We definitely recommend you sit down with our team to go over the many design options we can imagine to completely revolutionize the function of your bathroom.

to increase the value of your home

Regardless of the popularity of bathroom renovation projects, it's helpful for you to invest in changes and updates that yield a high return. Bathroom renovations and remodels on average have a 70% return rate, making them an excellent choice to increase your property value and getting your home ready for resale. Homebuyers pay special attention to kitchens and bathrooms so having a freshly renovated bathroom is extremely enticing. 

Adding additional bathrooms to your house also increases its value. You may want to add a new bathroom to accommodate to your growing family or to complete a basement suite. If you've created a recreational space, gym or home theatre with your basement renovations, adding a bathroom downstairs is a must. Similar to adding another bedroom, additional bathrooms are particularly desirable for future buyers and only work in your favour.

how much does it cost to renovate a bathroom in calgary?

The cost of your renovation is solely dependent on the work being done and the quality of materials you have selected. If you are scouring the internet to get an accurate idea of what to budget for and found an array of price points - the truth is without assessing your specific bathroom and getting a clear picture of your vision. We take pride in accurately quoting every home renovation project, including bathrooms, and guaranteeing high-quality final results. 

Every bathroom is unique and factors like finishing materials, design elements and the amount of space we are working with determine the final cost of your bathroom renovation. We take into account your budget and offer solutions that are cost-effective and make sense for your vision.

Don't hesitate to reach out to our team and ask any clarifying questions you may have with bathroom renovations or any home renovations. We make sure that our customers feel comfortable throughout the entire process and would highly recommend communicating any questions or concerns they may have.

completing a bathroom remodel

Whether you are keeping up with trends in home design or are looking to improve the function of your bathroom, a bathroom remodel is an excellent solution for your home.

Completely stripping out the existing layout, tiles, cabinets, toilet, sink and bathtub of your bathroom to its bare bones before starting your renovations gives your contractor a clean slate as a starting point. From there reconfiguring the placement of the services and layout will give your bathroom a completely new look. A common process we complete is replacing a bath with a full standing shower, this allows us to transform the limited space in your bathroom while increasing its utility.

If you want to make a change from a tub to shower or completely transform your master ensuite we do a job well done with every bathroom remodel. We would not hesitate from making the best recommendations for our customers with their renovations and projects. Details are our specialty and we take pride in exceeding your expectations.

Remodeling your bathroom can also be the deciding factor in whether or not a buyer purchases your house. It is obvious when a renovation needs to be done and completing it prior to selling is appealing to future buyers. Completed renovations take your home out of the category of being a project for future renovations to new buyers.

Enchant is a company you can trust with years of experience and amazing workmanship with every project, from start to finish. Your budget matters to us which is why we provide free estimates for all home renovations. We want our customer to be on the same page as us before beginning the renovation process.

Our professional team does its best to remain within your budget while also providing quality service throughout every step of construction. Let us completely transform your bathroom.

get a brand new bathroom

New finishes, plumbing services, a bath or shower and a completely new configuration of your bathroom can make the end result completely unrecognizable. Sometimes cosmetic changes aren’t enough to bring your dream bathroom to life, making a bathroom remodel the best option for you.

Even with the smallest of bathroom spaces, our team can come up with creative ways to get the most out of your bathroom’s utility while also providing a high-quality finish.

lets budget together

Bathroom remodels can appear to be incredibly expensive and a long process, but there are ways to avoid that. We make sure to provide our customers with the best value for their money and come up with areas where you can save, like reusing some of your current fixtures. A bathroom remodel doesn’t have to mean that everything in your existing bathroom is rendered useless. We will show you places where you can save while building a timeless and gorgeous bathroom. 

If you’re looking to remodel your bathroom or add a bathroom to your home, we employ the best in the business. Working with Enchant means working with a team that prioritizes the final result of your bathroom renovation or remodel. Any work we produce is a direct reflection of the pride we take as one of the top home renovation companies in Calgary, AB. We stay ahead of the home renovations Calgary game, so you don't have to.

what is the average cost to remodel a small bathroom?

The exact size of your bathroom will determine exactly how much it will cost to remodel, but it can be anywhere between $2500 and $15000. At the high end of that range would be a bathroom that has premium finishing materials and features like a stand alone bathtub or a custom steam shower. The lower end, the total consists of construction costs with standard builders grade finishing and fixtures. 

Our process begins with assessing your bathrooms and what construction is necessary to complete the job. Starting with a clear understanding of the project at hand, allows for an easy and streamlined process to follow.

Can you remodel a bathroom for $10,000? Can you remodel a bathroom for $20,000?

You can absolutely remodel your bathroom for $10,000 and $20,000. It truly depends on what you already have roughed in and the total square footage of the bathroom, any permits involved to add plumbing lines and what tile, countertops and cabinets you choose. You may be adding or removing services, looking to add custom elements.

There are many variables to account for when budgeting for home renovations, especially a bathroom remodel. We highly recommend you take advantage of our free estimate to give you the most accurate quote for your bathroom possible.

Why Choose Enchant Management for Your Bathroom Renovations Calgary

Renovations are what we do and our years of experience with renovations are reflected in every house we take on. Choosing Enchant as your contractor, you can depend on us to deliver projects on time and quickly address anything unexpected that arises with your home renovations. Renovations can be stressful and lengthy, but they don't have to be. Communication and efficiency are vital with our team at Enchant, making every job a smooth process.

We want to build your dream bathroom that matches the interior style of your home. We collaborate and employ the best sub-contractors who have helped us with countless Calgary bathroom renovations over the years.

No matter the job we make the best use of your space while remaining within your budget. Contact our professional renovations team for a free consultation and to get started on your Calgary bathroom.

We would highly recommend working with our professional team of contractors to transform any room or space. Our company does an amazing job at bringing any vision to life and surpassing the expectations of our customers.

With bathroom renovations specifically, its of the utmost importance to make the most of their traditionally small sizes. Working with a small space to renovate emphasizes the significance of even the smallest details in a room. We are experts with bathroom renovations and highly recommend getting in touch with us for your next project.

Our renovation company is known for our ability to transform every house we renovate while doing a professional job. There isn't an aspect of construction that we have left unturned. From custom tile showers to extravagant tub surrounds, we take care of all of the details requested by customers.

Our priority is meeting your goals with bathroom renovations while remaining within your budget. This approach of our company extends to every project, customer and job we work with. You can trust our company to deliver renovations of the highest quality and to completely transform your space.

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