Enchant Management installs all types of flooring including tile, carpet, hardwood, vinyl, laminate and stone. Whether you are looking for flooring installation for your house or business, we can bring your vision to life in every room. Call our team for a free consultation on your new flooring installation! 

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood has been a popular flooring solution for decades. Solid hardwood is completely natural wood (oak, maple, walnut, mahogany and pine) that is known to be of high quality and great durability. In spite of hardwood flooring being more costly than other types, it continues to remain a popular choice of flooring in Calgary, AB.

A solid wood floor is typically ¾ inches in thickness and is manufactured in various plank widths. Hardwood comes in different types of finishes such as wire brushed, hand scraped, oiled, gloss and more. Different finishes of hardwood flooring provide homeowners with options for different styles and for those who may need flooring with more grip.

Dustless Hardwood Refinishing

Already have hardwood floors installed? You don’t have to tear out old hardwood flooring and replace it. Instead, we can revive your wood flooring with dustless hardwood refinishing. Let us sand and stain your floors while protecting your home or office from allergens and dust. Our dustless sanding system protects everyone from any potential health threats from airborne wood particles.

Get in touch with our team today to schedule a free estimate for dustless sandless hardwood refinishing!

Hardwood Flooring Installation

Installing solid hardwood flooring is a thorough process with necessary preparations. Our team installs hardwood flooring often and takes precautions to provide you with a high-quality installation.

Acclimation Period

After picking out the hardwood you have decided to install, the wood must be acclimated to your home. This is done by bringing the hardwood floor into your home and allowing it to sit for a period of time that is dependent on the species of wood and its width. 

Because hardwood is natural wood, its physical properties can change depending on the environment it is in. Calgary is known for its very dry climate and a lack of humidity causes natural hardwood flooring to shrink. Skipping the acclimation period for your hardwood flooring can mean that it will shrink after installation, leaving gaps behind.  Only after the hardwood flooring has become accustomed to your home, is it ready to be installed.

Preparing Your floors

During this acclimation period we prep for hardwood flooring installation by sanding the subfloor seams and vacuuming the surface of your floor. If this is a home renovation project, we start by stripping and disposing of your previous flooring to reveal the subflooring. 

It is crucial to make sure the subfloor is even and clear of all debris before installing your hardwood floor. This prevents you from running into problems or having uneven flooring in the future.

Installing Hardwood Floors

The manufacturer of every solid hardwood provides installation guidelines specific to their flooring materials that we follow to a tee. When installing hardwood flooring a pattern must be decided while paying special attention to installing the hardwood anything but parallel to floor joists. Hardwood installed opposite or diagonal to floor joists, creates structural stability. 

Placing the hardwood floor staggered 6-8 inches, in different patterns will help you to finalize your layout. This part of the process helps homeowners get a feel for the colour and pattern of their hardwood flooring, prior to committing and installing.

Pros and Cons of Hardwood Flooring

There are upsides and downsides to choosing solid hardwood for your home. 

          One of the most durable wood flooring options
          Stands the test of time
          Easy maintenance (cleaning and repair)
          Timeless and fits all types of home styles 

          The priciest wood flooring option 
          Cannot be installed on concrete floors
          Requires humidity management to prevent shrinking

How much does it cost to install 1000 square feet of Hardwood in Canada?

The average cost of hardwood per square foot is $7, ranging between $4 and $12 depending on the quality and finish of the wood. Other costs to factor in aside from the cost of material, include labour, floor removal and mouldings (baseboards and casings). For an accurate (and free) quote, reach out to our team at Enchant!

Wood Flooring Alternatives

Engineered Hardwood Flooring Calgary

Engineered hardwood is a real wood alternative to traditional hardwood flooring. It is typically more affordable and its multiple layers provide stronger protection against warping, heat or moisture. Because of its strength, engineered hardwood floors are available in wider plank styles than traditional hardwood flooring.

Engineered hardwood is constructed with multiple layers of hardwood and plywood. Its layered composition makes it a dependable option for areas prone to warping such as kitchens, bathrooms and basements. Unlike its traditional wood counterpart, engineered hardwood can be installed on a variety of surfaces including concrete. 

Manufacturers of engineered hardwood floors also provide options for commercial floors, such as durable solutions for gyms. Enchant Management supplies a wide range of engineered wood flooring products from a variety of manufacturers, allowing us to find the perfect fit for you.

laminate Flooring Calgary

Advancements in technology have allowed laminate flooring to realistically appear like actual wood. Laminate is composed of multiple layers including one that is water-resistant to repel moisture and protect the board’s structure. Its core is made of high-density fiberboard that provides incredible durability. Other layers of laminate flooring include the print and design and a protective coating to resist scratching and fading. 

Laminate flooring is a wonderful alternative to natural wood because it offers high durability while also being affordable. Unlike natural wood, laminate can be installed on any surface. Its ability to mimic natural wood has continued to increase over time making it more difficult to differentiate from the real deal. 

There are three different types of laminate flooring commonly used in Calgary, AB:

          Embossed Laminate: has the pattern of the wood. 
          Handscraped Laminate: is textured and appears like restored natural wood.
          Smooth Laminate: without any texture and is available in gloss or matte.

Vinyl Flooring Calgary

Luxury vinyl plank is another flooring material that resembles wood, that is also more affordable than traditional wood flooring.

Vinyl flooring is available in multiple forms including vinyl plank, vinyl tile and vinyl sheet. There are options that not only mimic wood but also natural stone and ceramic tile. Vinyl flooring is waterproof and scratch-resistant making it a great option for areas of high moisture or homes with pets.

Vinyl Flooring Installation

Vinyl flooring installation is quick and easy, making the labour involved far less expensive than other flooring options. Homeowners are able to save money and work with a smaller budget for their flooring project by opting for vinyl.

Whether your next project is a home renovation or you're looking for commercial flooring, Enchant takes care of exactly what you are looking for with all of your flooring needs.

How much does it cost to install 1000 square feet of vinyl floors?

Due to its quick installation, in most cases, 1000 square feet of vinyl floors will cost $3000 to $16000. The final cost will depend on the brand of vinyl chosen as well as any flooring removal necessary beforehand. Contact our team to get free estimates for your entire project.

Carpet Options and Installation

Carpet is still a primary choice for flooring amongst homeowners and business owners alike. Carpet brings warmth and comfort to any room, is a quieter flooring option and is far more affordable than wood flooring. Innovation in carpet fibre and stain resistance has made it an ideal option for flooring. Whether you are looking at replacing flooring with new carpets or adding carpet to a new area, our installers are able to help and take great pride in providing quality floors.

Most carpets are made of synthetic fibres such as nylon, polyester and olefin. In some cases, carpets are also available in natural fibres like wool. Carpet is available in a variety of textures, colours and patterns that will suit the style of your home. Our flooring experts are experienced in residential and commercial flooring installation and can help you weigh out your carpet options.


The right underlay adds comfort and luxury to a room while protecting your carpet. Carpet underlay varies in weight (7-10lb), material and how it feels. The higher the weight of your underlay the more dense and comfortable your carpet will feel. There are also memory foam options and built-in spill guards to suit your lifestyle. 

Carpet tile

Carpet tile is a popular choice for commercial flooring as it is durable and easily maintained. If one or two carpet tiles become damaged or stained, they are easily replaced with new tiles. Our team at Enchant is equipped to complete any flooring job and has access to a vast selection of flooring options. Get in touch with our installation team to give you new floors and handle your floor installation.

Carpet Options and Installation

Tiles are manufactured in many different shapes, styles, sizes, designs and materials. We provide our clients access to ceramic, porcelain and natural stone tiles. At Enchant we make sure to give you perfect flooring with great service and at a great price.

Why Choose Tile Flooring?

Tiles are easy to clean and don’t hold onto any stains, allergens or odours. Tired of ice-cold tiles in Calgary winters? When installing a tile floor you have the option of in-floor heating installation underneath. This feature not only provides you with more comfort in the tiled areas of your home but is also very appealing for future homeowners.

Since tiles come with so many different options they are the perfect opportunity to express your decor style. Tiles can be used to give character or detail to not just your floor, but also on walls and with your backsplash.

tile flooring installation

Out of all flooring installations, tile is by far the most labour intensive. Before beginning your tile floor installation it is necessary to assess the security of the subfloor. Loose plywood for example can result in tiles moving and grout cracking in the future. Once the foundation for your tiles is ready you can pick the pattern in which you want tiles to be laid and find a matching grout colour that you like.

When adding or replacing the tile in your home the bulk of the cost is usually associated with labour. Our team of professional installers are meticulous with their workmanship to give our customers perfect flooring every time.

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